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Refurbished Carpet Cutting Machines

Accu-Cut refurbishes trade in machines and make sure they are 100% before we resell them. We go through and repaint the machines, put new belts on them, and fix anything that needs to be repaired. We give a six month warranty with these refurbished machines so you can be rest assured that The machines are in excellent working condition. We get trade-ins from as much as 20+ years ago as well as machines that are only a few years old that people are wanting to upgrade to a better model. Many times a refurbished machine can be the right choice for someone who has never owned a machine before or someone that is just starting out. We offer the same financing plans on the refurbished machines as we do on the new machines. That financing goes up to 84 months. That means that on a refurbished machine your payment can be as little as under $200 per month.

We do not let a refurbished machine leave our facility until we have went through and refurbish the machine completely as well as tested the machine with carpet. Some of our refurbished machines will cut 12 foot and 13 foot six goods with 15 foot goods not fitting on the machine some of them will cut 12 foot and 13 foot six goods with 15 foot goods hanging over the end of the machine that the user can finish by hand with a knife and some of the refurbished machines will cut 12 foot 13 foot six and 15 foot goods completely. Some of them will feature a mechanical counter and some will feature a digital programmable counter. Some will have one speed, some with two speeds, and some with 10 speeds. Over the years we have made so many different models of machines, but they all do the same thing as far as measuring cutting rolling and allowing the user to inspect back roll and wrap their material. All machines will work with vinyl as well. All of our machines are on wheels and can be moved around. Some of the refurbished machines run on 110 V power and some of them run on 220 V power. The inventory of the refurbished machines changes quite a bit so please give us a call at one 800–222–8288 to check on current inventory. We hope to hear from you and hopefully earn your business.