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“After spending the 1st 4 years of trading cutting orders on the floor we decided to buy a cutting machine, after many hours searching for a machine, speaking to people and considering whether to buy 2nd hand or brand new we decided to buy a new Accu-Cut Q9, the machine has been a revolution, it has saved so much time and man power, before we needed 2 people to cut which was very labour intensive, we can now cut 3 times more orders with one person, great bit of kit and never let us down.“

Stuart Hedgecock
Perfectly Green
Q9 Turf Cutting Machine

“Being the first company in the UK to purchase a Q9 we were somewhat worried whether we were doing the right thing or not. Needless to say, literally within minutes of the machine arriving all our worries and angst dissolved immediately… The Q9 makes measuring, cutting, rolling and packing artificial grass easy – a job that used to take more than 10 minutes now takes 2 minutes. I would also like to say how professional and easy Trevor was to deal with, his knowledge and guidance helped us make an informed decision. Thanks Trevor!! We look forward to receiving our next machine(s)…”

Rob Redcliffe
CEO - Namgrass UK

“Tiger Express started out as a small operation. Our small warehouse crew had to cut each roll of turf by hand and physically roll up the requested piece on a small rickety rolling machine after dragging the turf onto to the machine in the first place. It became clear to us that this would not suffice as our company was growing at an exponential rate. Trevor contacted us and sent us an introduction regarding the Q9 and it threw our owners into a frenzy. Within in a couple months from the initial contact we purchased the Q9 machine. Let me tell you what a blessing the machine was. With our volume increasing, there would have been no way we could have survived without that machine. Not only did it cut down the amount of time it took us to service our clients but it made our accuracy on sizing on point. The Q9 machine has been an essential part of our company’s success.

Let’s get to some of the questions you have regarding the machine. As far as space, you should have at least 10 feet in diameter around the machine-this will allow you to maneuver machinery around the machine without the risk of damaging it. Because the machine has two sides that roll, the Q9 machine not only cuts the turf but rolls the cut piece up for you-all you have to do is stand there with tape to secure the roll. As far as problems go, we have not had any issues that I can recall that caused any concern. It has pretty much been smooth sailing and Trevor has assisted us with any and all questions that we have had. Maintenance is discussed when the machine is calibrated for you and if done properly takes almost no work at all.

As our company continued to grow, we had to move to a larger facility to accommodate the demand for our artificial grass. Because we had the space and the necessity-and because we were so pleased with our first Brockie International purchase-we decided to purchase a second Q9 machine. Trevor arranged for us to have both our machines recalibrated from the move and gave us helpful hints.

If you are planning to go head first into the artificial grass industry, I recommend utilizing the Q9 machine. This machine will not only save you time and money but it will also give you piece of mind. You will know that your team is efficient and accurate when they use the Q9 machine. I apologize if this has seemed a little overzealous however I cannot stress enough that we would not be as successful as we are today if we did not have the help of our two Q9 machines. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.“

Elizabeth Hibbard
Tiger Turf

“We have just recently purchased our second machine from Accu-Cut and we have been very pleased. We would highly recommend the Accu-Cut machine and their company.”

Dave Hargman
CEO - Easy Turf

“I wanted to thank you and Accu-Cut for introducing myself to your company and your synthetic turf cutting machines back in 2009. You gave us different options on exactly which machines you had developed for the synthetic turf industry, and I had decided on the Q9 model as it would best suit our needs.

Prior to purchasing your machine I had sold about 400,000 sq feet which I consider now “the old fashion way”! We were rolling the rolls out on the ground by hand and depending on the face weight of the product this created many obstacles and a very labor and time consuming process. It was quickly obvious that to keep up with order fulfillment, customer service and to cut cost’s and increase efficiency I had to do something. I had stumbled across your website and saw a video of your machine in action and that was it I had to contact you. Since we were a new company you did give us many options which included a purchase, lease and even a trade in model you had. We were so impressed with the capabilities and increased efficiency we settled on a brand new Q9 and you helped make it happen.

The machine setup went smoothly; we had a training session and also were setup with a maintenance plan so we could keep the machine in top shape. With this machine we have developed different methods of rolling our grasses and it has assisted us in creating new ways to enter the market due to its abilities to roll all sizes of rolls with turf side in or turf side out options. Wrapping and tagging the rolls is all done on the machine and it is very efficient. I thank you and your machine for your assistance in helping me grow SLS as I served as President. I would highly recommend this machine if you are in the synthetic turf industry.“

Kris Grant
Synthetic Lawn Supply | Wholesale

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