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The World's #1 Carpet Cutting Machine Since 1990 | ACCU-CUT


Most major carpet manufacturers and buying groups exclusively endorse Accu-Cut and here is why...

LARGER MEASURING WHEEL - Accu-Cut's aluminum measuring wheel is almost double the size of the competitor's measuring wheel.  This difference in size allows for more surface contact with the backing of the carpet and a more accurate measurement.  The aluminum measuring wheel does not wear down nearly as fast as a wood composite measuring wheel with rubber bands and provides less slippage.

MORE SPEED SETTINGS - Our speed control system on 4 out of 5 of our machines has a 10 speed variable speed control.  Even our competitor's top of the line machine features 3 speeds.  Our entry level unit called the J-2 machine has 2 speeds on it where the entry level machine from the competitor has only one speed. Having more speed options allows the user to slow the machine down to the perfect speed when bankrolling a remnant to ensure the roll is tight around the tube.  It also makes the machine more user friendly because sometimes the user needs to slow the machine down to a crawl while lining the carpet up in the beginning.

- Accu-Cut cradles are by far the largest in the industry.  We have taken in competitor machines for this reason alone.  We have the most heavy duty cradles and some our machines will hold 300 foot rolls of carpet with ease.

- Many flooring companies purchase the Accu-Cut machine because they absolutely love the fact the self sharpening blade system can cut literally thousands of pieces of carpet without them having to change the blade out.  We offer this cutting system on most of our machines where our competitor doesn't offer it even on their top of the line machine. A large bar comes over the top of the machine clamping the carpet, vinyl,pad, turf, or rubber down to the table.  Once the bar is down the blade can be activated.  Many flooring stores use this cutting system on their Accu-Cut machine to cut strips for samples or to cut carpet cove base!

- Instead of a bolted together frame we use a completely welded heavy duty frame capable of taking abuse day in and day out.  This is yet another feature that separates us from the competition. We do this because we are committed to making the longest lasting, highest quality machines on the market.

- We offer on site training with your machine delivery so that all of your employees know how to use the machine completely before we leave your store.  We also offer live video training and follow up training in case you have a new employee that may need help learning the machine .

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