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Integrated Flooring Software

ENSURE WRONG MATERIAL IS NOT CUT - Once you scan the roll after it is on the machine you can look at the computer monitor next to the machine and verify you are cutting the correct material  for the job. 

PRINT TAGS FOR INSTALLERS & FOR INVENTORY - Once a bar-code printer is hooked to the computer the user can print out bar-codes.  These tags can be put on the roll so the installer knows he is picking up the right material.  The tags are also great for walking around and doing inventory by just scanning the bar-code on each of the rolls.

Our machines are compatible with:

UTILIZE THE BEST ROLL FOR EACH JOB - The software will know when you have inventory that can be utilized for a job so you don't end up cutting up a brand new roll of carpet when you don't have to.

AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE CARPET INVENTORY - Once a cut is made or a roll is measured you can send that information right up to the flooring software.  Double-checking your inventory can be as easy as walking around the warehouse with a bar-code scanner.

GENERATE CUSTOM REPORTS OF CUTS MADE - Create reports to see who cut carpet off of a roll and how many cuts are being made per day.

TRANSFER CUTS FROM THE COMPUTER - Eliminate key stroke error and save time by exporting the cuts right from your computer to the carpet cutting machine.

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