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Prior to the purchase of the Q-7 machine, I was asking 2 of my 3 warehouse employee’s to make an average of 10-15 carpet cuts every day by unrolling the carpet in warehouse by hand and measuring off what was needed.  This usually took around 1.5 to 2 hours.  That’s if the time was uninterrupted.  Since the purchase of the Q-7 machine all carpets are cut 24 hours prior to install date and no more carpet shortages.  If needed the machine can be operated by each one of my 15 employee’s.  The Q-7 machine is that simple to operate!   After the purchase of the Q-7 machine, the same amount of carpet cutting that took up to 2 hours now takes roughly 25-35 minutes.   Keep in mind those 25-35 minutes that the machine is set in Auto-Run, the employee can perform other tasks.  Our company is very pleased with the purchase that we made.   
Chad Mohr
Star Lumber
Oklahoma City OK

“Hi Accu-cut , I was concerned about the large investment in a carpet cutter, we had only stocked carpet a couple of years , making small cut in the warehouse & cuts over 30' had to be done in the parking lot rain or shine ,or having customers move their vehicles. Six years later I'm glad we made a wise decision to purchase a cutter . I have only had one call for service ,and that was taken care of over the phone in 10 minutes with adjustments from your tech support. Again thanks for the man hours, our knees off the concrete , and the thousands of $$ we saved”.
Joe Rogers,
Southside Bargain Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We have had our Accu-cut Crossbow for almost 12 of our 38 years in business and I can't imagine operating without it.  We have two guys running the machine first thing in the morning and they are able to have 6-8 installation crews all ready to go in one hour or less.  Since owning our machine: we have seen more product being installed per day; less defected material leaving the warehouse; more sales closed in the same day because customer needs product ASAP;  and not to mention we don't need 100ft of parking lot space to make our cuts like some of my competitors!!!    
Chad Sommers
Sommers Interiors
Jefferson City MO

“We have been using our Crossbow 2000 for over 10 years.  Other than maintenance, the machine has been excellent.  We self insure our workman’s compensation.  After one of our younger employees injured himself lifting a large roll of carpet, we purchased the machine.  With over 40 floor layers, we haven’t had an injury since.”
Rick Dehmer
Accoustic Associates
Palatine IL

We have had our Crossbow carpet cutting machine for almost 4 years now without any complaints. We use it daily in our warehouse and it has held up very well for all different flooring types. We serve the multi-family industry, and during college turn season, we can have as many as 100 cuts a day to make. It makes accurate cuts, uses standard carpet blades that we keep in stock for our installers, and works everytime. I researched other manufacturer's machines, but have been satisfied with my decision to purchase an Accu-Cut machine over the others. Quality, accurate, dependable. Worth every penny.
Andrew Willis
Image Carpet and Flooring
Carrollton TX

  “We are are happy to give you and your family a pat on the back, you deserve it. We have been buying your accu-cut machines for about 15 years now. We handed our first one down to Cost Less in Pasco and bought new ones for Richland and Boise about 6 years ago. We would buy more of them if they weren't so dependable. Don't plan on buying a new one for a while but when we do your booth at surface is the only one will stop at. The Accu-cut is not only dependable but you price them very competitive. Can't tell you much about your service because we have only had one problem in all these years, but I do know that we could still use our machine and the parts arrived before we had to go back to the old fashion way of cutting the carpet on the floor. We hope you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we will see you the next time we need a cutting machine.”

Thanks again,
Bryan Wippel
 Cost Less Carpet, Boise Idaho

My accu-cut has been a lifesaver. I have been able to downsize warehouse staff while still keeping up production. Service couldn' be better either, almost every problem has been handled fast and efficiently over the phone (that's how easy it has been to take care of my machine)
Bob Klein
Carpet Fair
Danbury, CT

For Custom Carpets, d.b.a. Abbey Capitol Floors and Interiors of Olympia, the Accu-Cut technology was a good investment.  Between our forklifts leaving the warehouse for loading/unloading and our delivery van entering and leaving the warehouse (in rainy Washington State, no less), our floor is easily dirtied.  The Accu-Cut machine keeps our carpets (and other roll-goods) off the floor and factory clean.  Using the machine with the reduced warehouse personel in these difficult economic times saves my time and my back.  Thanks,
Carl B. Miller
Custom Carpets
Olympia WA

We have had our machine for at least 15 years. We would lose hours each day cutting carpet if we didnt have this machine. It takes a 2 man job and turns it into a 1 man job in a fraction of the time. The first time I cut carpet by hand in 90 degree summer weather about 13 years ago I decided I would learn this machine which only took minutes and havent cut a piece by hand since.
Chris Bates
Bates Carpet and Furniture Center
Elkins WV

Here at AJ Rose we have 13,000 sf of space.  However only 3,000 is dedicated to warehouse.  So you can imagine how cramped it can be at any time.  We cut all the carpet for our 8 crews which pick up every morning.  We have one warehouse person that makes all the cuts, loads up the crews and moves the cutting machine to accommodate our space restrictions.  The machine has made our company more productive.
John Boyajian
AJ Rose Carpets
Burlington MA

Rasa Floors Houston purchased a Q-9 cutting machine and a deluxe feed table in November 2007.  We primarily service apartment complex’s in the Houston area and from Nov 2007 to October 2012 we have over half a million cuts on the machine with no down time, it’s still clean, and we haven’t incurred any major repair expenses to date.
Marty Fanning
Rasa Floors
Houston TX

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