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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the machines portable?

A: Yes, all of the machines can be moved by one person easily by hand except for the "X-33".  The X-33 model requires 2 people to move it

Q: Does the machine work with vinyl also?

A: Yes, the machine measures and cuts vinyl just as well as it does carpet.

Q: How long do these machines last?

A: Some of our customers bought Accu-Cut machines 15 years ago and still use them.  There is not much to go wrong and what does go wrong can be fixed reasonably.

Q: Who will service my machine?

A: We have 4 technicians that travel the country year round and for emergencies we use a company that has nationwide technicians.

Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes, most of our customers use our financing option.  Rates are very competitive and there can be many advantages to financing.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with the machine?

A: The machine comes with a one year parts and labor warranty and a 3 year frame and roller warranty.

Q: Does the machine handle 15 foot wide carpet?

A: Yes, all of our machines will handle 15 foot wide carpet.  Some models require the user to walk over and cut the last foot and a half of carpet but most of our models cut 15 foot wide carpet completely.

Q: Can you tape up the carpet?

A: Yes, there is a foot cable that goes all the way around the machine to where you can walk around the machine and tape up or stretch wrap cuts and rolls easily.

Q: Can you back-roll remnants on the machine?

A: Yes, all of our models allow one person to back-roll and measure remnants easily.

Q: How much room do I need?

A: The machine is your whole cutting floor so you just need room for the machine and room to move around it with the forklift.

Q: Can I trade my machine in later?

A: Yes, we offer generous trade in values in case you want to look at upgrading later on down the road

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