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Carpet Cutting Machine Profile

Scott Brockie started Accu-Cut in 1990.  Scott started working in the flooring industry in the early 80's selling carpet for a distributor and then owned a flooring store prior to starting Accu-Cut.  His vision was to create the longest lasting, moved advanced cutting machines on the market at the best value.  Today 23 years later thousands of flooring stores around the world are using the Accu-Cut machines on a daily basis. 

It's not uncommon to run into customers at trade shows that purchased machines from us 15 years ago that still use the machines.  We get a laugh with them about how reliable the machines are to where the customers sometimes don't want to upgrade their machine because the machines are so reliable.

We take huge pride in offering great service and always being there for the customer even after hours for phone support if need be.  We are a family run business and believe that this is the only way to run a business providing second to none service and treating our customers like family.  That is why we are the only cutting machine manufacturer to have our own traveling technicians that service and support our machines for repairs and preventative maintenance.  We also have a company that we partner with that provides nationwide service for emergency repairs.

We are located in Tavares Florida which is Northwest of Orlando about 30 minutes.  We are between Orlando and Ocala Florida. 

We are now endorsed by all the major flooring industry buying groups and manufacturers, please ask us for a reference in your area.  Thousands of flooring dealers around the country are using our our machines. We invite you to come to our central florida showroom to visit with us see the machines on display, visitors are always welcome.  We are about 45 minutes from the Orlando International airport and about 30 minutes Northwest of Disney World. 

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To learn more about Accu-Cut and our mission,
take a minute to read a message from our President/CEO

Scott Brockie - Accu-Cut President - CEO

A message from our President/CEO

Since 1990, we at Brockie International / Accu-Cut have been providing our customers with the best quality cutting and rolling machines that can be produced. We have been able to dramatically increase the number of new customers each year while maintaining the company's long established working relationship with the many thousands of existing customers.

Our company's mission is to continue to provide quality, state of the art equipment to our customers while also ensuring that we can give them the back up service and support that we would expect ourselves. We are constantly improving our service and the features on our equipment so that we will have a customer that is proud of their machine and the relationship they have with us.

Recently we have been working with the industries top software companies to integrate your floor covering software with your Accu-Cut machine. You are now able to electronically send your cuts from your PC directly over to your Accu-Cut machine. The advantages and benefits of this new technology are overwhelming. Just for example, you can automatically update your inventory, print and scan your roll tags, generate inventory reports and eliminate the risks of cutting the wrong material and sizes. This combined with many of our other industry leading advantages, Brockie International has proven to be the leader in floor covering cutting and rolling automation.

We have taken pride in working with the industries top floor covering buying groups, home centers, and floor covering professionals. Whether you are a single store operator or a major retailer it is our goal to ensure that you receive the best products and services we have to offer. We encourage you to put us to the test. We would be glad to give you the names of some of our customers in your area to tell you first hand about their Accu-Cut equipment and our company.


Scott Brockie
President \ CEO